This example describes how Sue used the InstaGENII Method to realize her personal goals.

Moving through time, as Sue was climbing up the career ladder, she was enjoying the life she had but was not completely satisfied with all aspects. Namely, the romantic side. She decided to take a break from her usual dating routine and stop creating problems for herself. That break happened to last for close to five years; it was then that she decided to focus on a detailed profile of the ideal partner for her–and her lifestyle.

Sue faced that fact that one of the main issues was geographic; she wanted to return to her former home, down south. To achieve that part of the overall goal, she began to search for contracts, contacts and conference events in that area. She also joined a dinner dating group located in her desired town that met once a month. The dinner meetings offered an opportunity to vet potential mates using the detailed profile she had created, but none of them passed her scrutiny.

Then Sue was presented with an unusual opportunity.

One day, while doing reserach for some intellectual property at a branch library that happened to be a USPTO Repository, she took a thick book of patents to a side table and, as she plunked it down on the table, she noticed a flyer pinned to the wall above the table that announced a free computer class about an operating system she had not yet worked with. She decided to attend the class, located in her target town.

When she arrived at the class, she encountered a man who was volunteering his time to teach people like her the ins and outs of a popular computer system that she occasionally encountered–and occasionally interfaced with.

During the class, she displayed better-than-average knowledge of computers, and this attracted his attention. He wandered down the aisle to get closer to her to answer a question she had. As he stood beside her chair, he reached-out and touched her shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze; that got her attention.

After class, Sue invited him to attend the next meeting of her technical networking group. He agreed. One thing led to another and, as time and familiarity progressed, they moved-on from tecnical associates to great friends to romantic partners and then to husband-and-wife. It’s been more than three decades since they said, “I do!” and they are still magically in love.

They are retired now. Sue still manages a tech networking group, staying connected to the tech community and helping consultants and clients get connected.

Throughout her path up the Ladder of Success, she began to understand the role of aptitudes in connecting with the people, the position, and the geographical location that worked for her particular situation at each step along the way. She took responsiblity for learning about her aptitudes, developing skills that deployed those aptitudes to her advantage and, in the end, created the happiness and success she desired.