This is an educational site aimed at individuals with a fire in their belly; a burning desire to make their dreams real. You provide the Who, What, Where, When and Why. We provide the How.

The Who: You, in present day and time.

The What: Your dream.

The Where: Here.

The When: Now.

The Why: MakeDreamzzzReal!

The How: Learn to GuideYourMind using the InstaGenii Method!

InstaGENII.com (“IGI”) presents a method that helps you create a multimedia instantiation of your dream, and then regularly-reference the resulting specification (“DreamSpeck”) as your mind guides you to make changes required to realize your dream. The site contents are a synthesis of similar processes from various sources and various times.

The GENII portion of the IGI Logo uses a font that employs five strokes per letter; each line represents one of the five senses; intended to signify the neuron paths that are used to transmit information from the body’s five sensors to the mind.

The FingerSnap Icon symbolizes the speed at which this method works:


As soon as you decide to make the changes necessary to achieve your goal, the process works very quickly.