The process of Making Dreams Real begins with understanding that the human mind directs the capture of information, via sensory organs, and transmits that data along the neurons inside the brain (“biological neural network”) where the data (in multimedia format) is eventually stored. This capture>transmit>store process is constant. Within this website, the sensory organs are referred to as “genii,” where genii is the Latin plural of genius—and correlates with: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin; sensing sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

You are invited to launch the process of crafting your dream by recording little bits—or, specks—of information (“InfoSpecks“) in a table similar to a spreadsheet, with each cell referencing a specific aspect of your overall dream. This information collection is thereafter referred to as a “DreamSpeck.”

The DreamSpeck is read out loud (in order to trigger the attention of your eyes and ears) two times per day: morning and evening. Ancillary props that activate your senses of smell, taste and touch can alert other senses to the items declared within your DreamSpeck.

Moving through time, as feedback is received, you are encouraged to update your DreamSpeck to clarify the path to your goal; the changes may be in the form of additions, corrections or deletions. As you elect to change your ways, and your reality meets your DreamSpecks, you eventually achieve success; time estimate: AtTheSpeedOfChange!

This process might be viewed as programming your mind, in a manner similar to the persuasive technique known as Pace and Lead and practiced by many religious, political, business, and other leaders, and as expressed in this TED Talk presented by John Pace II.

You may experience this concept via a simple test called the Alarm Clock Test, which works as follows: Before you go to bed, set an alarm clock for your desired wake-up time plus 2 minutes (as backup). Then announce the current time of day. Then announce the time you wish to wake up. Then go to sleep. If you happen to wake up before your desired time, announce the current time of day and state the number of hours until your desired wake-up time, to refresh your goal. Go back to sleep. This may take 2-3 days to take effect but soon, you will be able to wake up at your desired time without an alarm clock. In fact, you might find that you are aware of the current time of day on an ongoing basis, without looking at your watch.

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device (iPhone or iPad running iOS, or Android running linux), you may want to simply use pencil and paper as you create your Dream Speck. Otherwise…

You have three options to record your DreamSpecks: 1) Record your specks on your own device; 2) Record your specks on this site, take a screen shot of the specks and print out the image on your device; or 3) Record your specks on this site and download the results to your device for further processing. We do not save any of your data on our system. Ever.

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