~ WHEN ~

WHEN: Time

FOCUS: Set a schedule.

GOAL: In time to make a difference.

Past: Take a look at your procrastination pattern. Do you actively look for ways to avoid achieving your desired goals? Or, do you fill your schedule with so many critical activities that you can’t make time for the activities necessary to achieve your goals?

Present: Create a template that permits you to categorize activities by level of importance. Declare blocks of time to work on each activity within each category so you can achieve your goal in the desired timeframe.

Caution: If your plan involves entities outside of your control (like banks or other money lenders), you are encouraged to consider news reports about security holding firms, bank closings, and other threats to the financial part of your project. You may want to perform an objective review of the economic climate, and factor-in the loan period, as the terms of a loan (such as variable interest) might change drastically.

Future: Enjoy your success!