WHERE: Place; examine multiple levels of dimensions…Live | Work | Play

FOCUS: Set the Scope: Geographic, Local, Activities

GOAL: Reach your most desirable place.

Past; Live: Where did you begin? What part of the country? State? City? Suburb? How did you feel in that place? Is that the type of place you want to replicate?

Past; Work: Where did you begin your career? What city? What company? What did you enjoy about that experience? What would you prefer to be different?

Past; Play: Where have you enjoyed your play time? What activities did you enjoy while you were there? What other people must be considered?

Present: Where are you located now? How does that compare with where you started? And how does your current location match your desired location?

This is all about setting the scope of your dream location: Where do you want to be? A different geographical location? A different city within your current state? A different company within your current city? Or, maybe you want to freelance so you can test out your options.

Future: Examine the pros and cons of relocating; either geographic or workspace. Design your ideal environment. Make it happen!