~ WHO ~

WHO: Person


GOAL: Create the happiness you desire.

Past: In the past, who influenced you during your formative years?

Present: In present time, who influences your thinking and actions?

Future: In the future, who do you want to influence your thinking and actions, going forward?


Family Members: Parents; Siblings; Grandparents; Aunts & Uncles; Cousins.

Professional Networking Groups: Technical; Chamber of Commerce; MeetUp; LinkedIn.

Trade Associations: General Contractors; Electrical; Carpentry; Plumbing; Painting.

Authors: Fiction; Non-Fiction.

Teachers: Grammar School; Middle School; High School; University.

Coaches: Sports; Acting; Dance.

Politicians: Local; National; International.

Religious Leaders: Founders; Cults; Local Leaders.

Sports Celebrities: Baseball; Football; Basketball; Golf; Soccer.

Entertainment Celebrities: Movie; TV; Video; Stage.