There once was a person from earth

who dreamed of increasing their worth.

They probed ready resources

and checked optional courses

as every new dream was birth’d.

They planted their specks in their mind,

embellished with media mined.

Then, o’er the next few days,

with a change in their ways,

opportunities they did find.

They analyzed their specks for a bit,

to check if each candidate might fit.

Then they refined their specks

to more clearly reflect

their fresh’d dream as they envisioned it.

Happenstance finally struck

just as they felt out of luck.

Right out of the blue,

they tried something new…

and rendered themselves unstuck.

What seemed like another dead-end

led to wild success; a godsend!

Intermittent fear and doubt

triggered a different route.

As testament, this site was penned.

Copyright © 2024, GenII Concierge

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